eMail Management, eDiscovery & Information Governance Solutions

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eMail Management | eDiscovery software | Information Governance

Are you having trouble with Managing your Email Environment? If so, click here to see how we can help you Manage and migrate your email servers, PST’s, Exchange Archives, perform eDiscovery, setup  retention & elimination policies and much more…..




eMail Management | eDiscovery software | Information Governance

With our eDiscovery software and Information Governance solutions you can analyze your data and determine the risks associated with the data and the use of these new technologies. They can  help you gain control and manage all of your data within Exchange, SharePoint, File Systems, Unix file servers and the cloud.  For further information about these solution, please click here.


eMail Management | eDiscovery software | Information Governance

Are you having trouble with Managing and Migrating  your PST files? If so, click here to see how you can help you manage your PST eDiscovery request, migrate your PST’s, backup PST’s and set-up retention & elimination policies for all of your users emails and much more…


eMail Management | eDiscovery software | Information Governance

Are you looking for an email reporting, monitoring software or office 365 monitoring utility to prevent outages? If so, click here for Exchange Email Monitoring and Exchange Email Reporting Software.


As a reseller for more than 29 years, Fleximation Systems Inc. has helped organizations of all sizes find, evaluate, procure and implement solutions which manage and monitor their email and networks more effectively and securely.  We specialize in providing best of breed 3rd party software utilities, which leverage, enhance and secure our customers Email (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino), Network and SharePoint environments. Some of our solutions include, Email Archiving and Retention, Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery software, Information GovernanceExchange Monitoring and Office 365 Email Monitoring and reportingDLP and Email and File ClassificationCloud Migration and user productivity solutions like Outlook Room Scheduling Software. Our experience enables us to quickly recommend the right solution for their requirements and procure it at a price that meets their budget.  For further information about any of our products, please call us at 905-405-6211.


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eDiscovery Software | Information Governance Security